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The tests detected only marijuana in it of the attacker, the medical examiner said saturday, ruling out other street drugs that some had presumed 31 year old rudy eugene might have taken, the problem today is that there is an almost an infinite number of toxins out there that can trigger unusual behavior, wanted to say dr.Bruce goldberger, professor and director of toxicology at the as well as college of florida.Goldberger said the medical examiner’s office in miami is renowned for doing thorough work and he’s confident they and the independent lab covered as much ground as possible.But it’s extremely difficult for toxicology testing to keep pace with new formulations of synthetic drugs, there are most of these synthetic drugs that we currently don’t have the methodology to test on, and that is not down to the toxicology lab.Task today for the toxicology lab is to stay on top of these new chemicals and develop methodologies for them, but it’s very difficult and costly, goldberger pointed out.A miami police union official had found that eugene, who was shot and killed by an officer in the attack, was probably intoxicated by bath salts.The miami dade county medical examiner said in a news release that the toxicology detected grass, but it missed any other street drugs, alcohol or prescription medications.Eugene also tested negative for adulterants commonly when combined street drugs.The department ruled out the particular components found in so called bath salts, which mimic the effects of cocaine or methamphetamine and have been associated with bizarre crimes lately.Another forensic toxicology lab, which took a second look at final results, also confirmed the lack of bath salts, fake marijuana and lsd.Messages left with the medical examiner’s office for comment were not speedily returned.The drug enforcement administration last year temporarily outlawed scrutinized with great care and sale of three synthetic stimulants sometimes packaged as“Bath salt, several states have also moved to ban medicines, often sold on the web and in head shops and other retail outlets.The bans don’t affect the sorts of bath salts added to tubs for their fragrance and cosmetic benefits.An addiction expert said she wouldn’t rule out marijuana inducing the agitation, it may have been the strain of marijuana that increases the dopamine in the brain, with regard to sativa, acknowledged dr.Patricia junquera, assistant professor at the department of psychiatry at the university of miami miller school of medication.You can also find two strains of marijuana called sativa and indica.The sativa increases dopamine and gives you energy while coming down pain threshold.Indica ‘s a“Drowsy high, she laughed and said, people don’t really know what the length of either is in each little packet of marijuana, she revealed. „And we can’t know the difference between the two in the blood, reduced in a dead person, she also hinted at that if eugene had a mental disorder,“The marijuana could have raised even further the dopamine levels and aggravated the situation.So that can’t be eliminated, it’s unsure what led to the may 26 attack on ronald poppo, a 65 yr old homeless man.Eugene’s family members have said he was religious, not violent polo ralph lauren canada and hubby didn’t drink or do drugs harder than marijuana, it’s my feeling answer for it, in no way, eugene’s younger younger dad, marckenson charles, said in a discussion. „Anybody who knew him knows this wasn’t a person we knew him to be.Whatever brought on him, you cannot answer for this, security video from a nearby building shows eugene stripping poppo and pummeling him, before appearing to hunch over and lie as well as him.The police agency who shot eugene to death said he growled at ralph lauren outlet canada the officer when he told him to stop.Charles, eugene’s buddy, said the family does not plan to pursue any legal action your police for shooting eugene, they used the force they believed was necessary, even if we don’t acknowledge that, he explained.He said eugene continues to buried.Shortly ahead of attack, any person driving on the macarthur causeway told a 911 dispatcher a“Completely human man“Was on top of essentially light poles on the causeway and“Operating like tarzan, always, police have said little through what may prompted eugene to attack poppo.Poppo has undergone several surgeries and remains put in the hospital.His left eye was taken out, but doctors said recently they were trying to find a way to restore vision in his right eye.He will need more surgeries before he can explore the variety of reconstructing his face, professional medical have said.A message left with a healthcare facility was not immediately returned.

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